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Hooked On Sonics isn't the biggest band in Chicago, just one of the best and the busiest - thanks to you! It's your big night - your wedding, your party, your company, your club - and you want the best possible band without the super high price tag. You want Hooked On Sonics. We love watching all of you have the time of your lives when we play. An average of 80 shows a year for the last 11 years is proof of our love for what we do. Many of you we play for year after year. Impeccable renditions of your favorite songs played with a swagger that sweeps your audience into a hands-in-the-air party is what you get - everytime. This is what has made us, for many of you, your favorite band. We make it easy for people to decide to use us by being truly excited, inspired, attentive, responsive and affordable. We are constantly curating the sweet spot of what we love and are inspired to play, and what will get people out on the floor and keep them there all night. You don't want to settle for formulaic, overly corporate, cookie-cutter bands with a staggering price tag. You want the down to earth, inspired, surprising and always fun band that makes any night truly memorable - you want Hooked On Sonics!

"I can't thank Hooked on Sonics enough for the job they did playing our wedding. After being pushed around by a few corporate wedding bands, I stumbled across Hooked On Sonics and it was the best thing that could happened. Every time our wedding gets brought up there is always the comment "the band was amazing!". Nick was unbelievably helpful throughout the entire process leading up to the day. Every detail went smoothly through intros, dinner, and first dances. Our dinner ended up running late, but it didn't matter because they ended up playing for 2.5 hours straight! No break. The dance floor was packed the whole night and the music was a terrific mix of old and new that everyone could enjoy. Their pricing is also very reasonable compared to other groups and companies that try to scam you. Nick and crew are an absolute pleasure to work with and of course, they totally rock! Thank you again!"

- Colin and Katie D (Wedding)


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I guess depending on your tastes, you might also say that we have faces that only a mother could love. Or that we we have a face for radio. Gary did do a brief stint in radio, come to think of it.

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Gary Neuburger / Guitar

Nick Sanzeri / Vocals/Bass

Brian Abraham / Drums/Vocals



From corporate to casual we've got you covered

Chicago Wedding Band

Holiday Parties

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Company morale goes through the roof!

Versatile, impressive, personable and fun, your employees and there guests will have the time of their lives. Even that guy you have with the red stapler that works in the basement!

We put the FUN in fundraiser!

The key to having a successful nonprofit fundraising event is by encouraging engagement while still keeping it fun. If you can’t get your attendees engaged then your event will quickly lose steam. That is where we come in.


Nonprofit Fundraiser

A WIN-WIN situation

Summer Celebration

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We like, we like to party

Independence day, half-birthdays, new patio furniture, pool parties - these all seem like excellent reasons to party in the summer. Heck some people just have parties so they could have us there! And we would encourage you to do the same. We will bring our own trunks if jumping in the pool is an option - but don't worry they are not speedos.

What is your event?

Whatever your event, the atmosphere, energy, interaction and excitement that Hooked On Sonics bring, will keep your guests engaged all night and raving about the party for a long time to come! We have got you covered from the very first guest arrival to the last departure. Of all the elements that go into a successful party, the music is the one that leaves a lasting impression and is the determining factor in good party vs a great one - let us make yours awesome!


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